Damir Krivenko
The whole world is looking at his paintings
Ruslan Dushevsky

Ruslan Dushevsky


The whole world is looking at his paintings

The whole world looks at his paintings. The Pope and Bill Clinton got acquainted with his works. The famous artist Damir Krivenko has been living and working in the resort town of Anapa for 10 years already.

“My wife and I were lucky. We were both born into families of artists. Our parents lived in St. Petersburg, later they were sent to implement cultural projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan. We were born in a cultural setting. Subsequently, both became artists. IM 42 years old. Consciously began to paint at the age of 7. All my childhood was spent in museums and artists' workshops. With my mother's milk, I absorbed that unique spirit of creativity, - Damir shares his story. - During my creative career, I revisited many different trends and directions. This is a real artist's ladder, which you can climb endlessly. I studied at the Alma-Ata Art School, but I got real experience in the workshops of artists, when I watched their work. When my family lived in Prague, these were cityscapes. Alma-Ata is, of course, mountain landscapes. We have been living in Anapa for 10 years, and the main theme when creating pictures is the sea.

During the year I have been working on a completely new world direction in painting. It's called paletrism. The official documents for the patent of this new direction in art are already ready. And it was born exactly here - in my beloved city of Anapa. Such works are made on the basis of a palette. Creativity is the result of the work of man and God, and the less man there is, the better. And if we do something on the canvas consciously, then the colors are mixed in the palette, and it is born involuntarily, without the conscious participation of a person. When, after a year or two, you peel off the top layer of the palette, you see layers of paint. Layers of one year old work. They are flawless. My task is to consider the plot in this riot of colors. Add meaning, volume and color. This is how a real masterpiece is born.

One of my last works is Moscow. Now there is a real crisis in art, there is nothing new. No jobs well done. Even in Moscow itself, I walked around almost all the galleries, there is no good urban landscape. The management of one of the central galleries asked me to do some works of a real cityscape. There is always a piece of God in me and in my works. You can't just take and draw a picture using your own imagination. To think that all this happened by chance is tantamount to hoping that, having scattered millions of letters, they will themselves form a novel. Now I need to prepare 15 more works, and this fall I am exhibiting a gallery in New York.

On my own behalf, I would like to add to all creative people of Anapa: “Love our city, appreciate the beauty of natural landscapes. And always remember: we live here on earth to grow. Grow spiritually. The soul needs to be filled with spiritual meaning. These are music, poetry, theater and painting. Only by using these tools, you can get culture yourself and educate the younger generation. "

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